Becky Witinok-Huber

As a Human Dimensions of Natural Resources specialist Becky focuses on developing holistic and adaptive approaches to solve conservation issues through both social and environmental sciences. She works at the intersection of sustainable natural resource management and community development and well-being. She believes in the innate potential of each individual, and that communities can collectively transform their circumstances through cohesion, collaborative action, education, and empowerment.

Becky has experience developing and carrying out mixed-methods research, data analysis, and report writing. The most powerful ways to move forward with sustainable development, adaptations for climate change, and shifts in our global trajectory are though a combination of bottom-up community based initiatives and top-down science and policy support. The wisdom and power of indigenous knowledge, currently being lost, is vital to our understanding of environmental sustainability and climate change adaptation. Solutions to local, national, and international ecosystem health problems are initiated through dialogue, information sharing, collaboration, and interdisciplinary/cross-cultural work.