Brandon Sutton

Brandon is an entrepreneur, change agent, and global citizen who looks beyond the status quo and imagines what might be possible when people come together to solve some of our world’s biggest challenges. His early professional background in music, entertainment, and marketing combined with his passion for social and environmental issues, and the result is an individual who understands how the power of storytelling can be leveraged to encourage people to speak out on issues they care about, ultimately bringing about meaningful change.

His advocacy experience includes extensive work on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Keystone XL Pipeline, Federal carbon pricing legislation, and Hunger Relief. Brandon is a volunteer citizen lobbyist with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and has served on the Advisory Board of the Atlanta Community Food Bank since 2004. He often mentors others who are seeking a platform to make change, and his personal story of taking action on issues of importance to him has gained him the reputation of someone with a bias for action. When he’s not advocating for social and/or environmental issues, he runs a Cultural Strategy firm where he helps put a human face on the customers of his clients. His work on large global brands often affords him the opportunity to have thought-provoking conversations at the leadership level with his clients, where his work life and passion for change intersects.