Isa Diller


Isa was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Half German, half Venezuelan, she was raised in a home where discipline was essential, and care of others and for the environment was the daily bread. Daughter to an environment engineer and a pianist, Isa grew up surrounded by music, arts, and nature, which helped her develop a deep interest in music and photography and led her to study Arts at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She then enrolled at the Centro de Diseño Digital where she graduated as a Visual Communication specializing in Multimedia. Her final project was a digital short called “30 segundos en mis zapatos” (“30 Seconds in my Shoes”) that was nominated for the 2008 ENAMU awards.  

Isa worked as a freelance designer and in a tattoo parlor as a professional piercer for two years; this allowed her to be in contact with a lot of different people and see the world from another perspective. After this she worked at Venezuela’s most prominent news TV station, Globovision, eventually leading the graphic design department and creating new procedures and images for the station. After four years at the news, she became a graphic design coordinator at Angostura Media, a local producer studio, and had the opportunity to work with clients including Discovery Channel Latin America and Cinemax. Surrounded by youngsters under her charge, every day she encouraged them to be better, to be creative, to stay positive in every challenge, to think outside the box, and to share their ideas and thoughts without any filter, in an atmosphere of respect.

Now working as a freelance art director, studying photography, and working with an organization called the Amazonian Project which uses fashion and beauty to create environmental awareness, Isa is helping to relaunch the organization. She also makes contributions of food and resources to local animal shelters.

A positive and very curious person, she’s been blessed with the fact that her career and work are also her hobbies, and sees design is applicable to everything in life. Living in a country where adversity faces you everyday, Isa has learned to see the good things in others and in life—to appreciate her surroundings, the trees, the mountains, the wildlife, and to find beauty through helping every creature.