Kim Klingler

Kim is a Canadian-born Youth Development Leader.


Envisioning, creating, and delivering exceptional youth programs has been Kim’s focus for more than ten years, but it has been an innate passion organically intertwined into her vision for decades. She has collaborated and worked with some of the most advanced thinkers and leaders of our time, such as Deepak Chopra, the Evolutionary Leaders, and global business leaders, creating numerous youth programs aimed at enabling children to develop their natural strengths, master emotional development tools, and gain the ability to navigate their lives using their inner compass through programs such as The Blossom Project.

Kim has worked in varied sectors for both for-profit and social enterprise development. Her background in impact building began in the for-profit sector where she served as a Confidential Strategic Advisor to numerous Fortune 500 Companies. If you ask her what has encouraged her most throughout her life she will tell you it wasn’t her experience or knowledge; it was her inexperience and lack of knowledge that enabled her to execute large-scale visions.

Her passion for youth development further grew through her work with autistic and differently abled children, including one of her own daughters Ayven, who has Rett Syndrome. Kim feels that all of her experience pales in comparison to what her daughter has taught her about life, creativity, and execution. Kim is often drawn to the most challenging kids as she relates to their tenacious, rebellious, energetic potential.

In 2010, she co-founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. She masterfully brought her vision to life and created an organization that connected countless empowered young change-makers enabled to create tangible change over five years of global success. Fueled by her deeply rooted passion for encouraging young people, she conceived, developed, and deployed a large-scale program called U Factor, which provides youth with the experience and tools to identify their passions, cultivate their talents, and amplify their purpose.

Kim’s focus on community and youth development shaped the international grassroots community, encouraging the rapid development of international hubs of masterful, skilled, active change-makers. During her time as executive director of the IS Foundation, co-founder Ian Somerhalder’s status became synonymous with social change. This growth lead to numerous awards such as the International Green Award, Noble Award, and Golden Goody Award, as well as the Huffington Post Game Changer Award. Kim is a captivating speaker, leading groups to radical and evolutionary thought processes; one of her favourite talks was delivered at Richard Branson’s Necker Island, a Virgin Unite event that focused on leveraging influence for good.
As her desire to reach and impact youth grew so did the programming she created. In 2015, she launched U Labs in partnership with Paula Earl. The social enterprise kindles passion, cultivates talents, and magnifies a path to purpose for youth through a series of developmental labs that cultivate real world skills by enabling youth to navigate who they are, understand their innate talents, and discover how to effectively combine these tools to create a successful life. The labs focus on a diverse set of areas the social enterprise feels is lacking in current educational offerings, from Discover U—their flagship lab which takes youth through a process to discover who they are—to Finance U, a lab that enables young people to truly understand money, credit, and financial success. U Labs offers youth the opportunity to experience numerous potential career paths yet also explores core values and personal development in each experience.