Health Care Plan for Young Adults

Project Leader: Laura Coleman
Mentor: Michelle Maritz
STATUS: Making Progress!
I want to create a healthcare plan for young adults struggling with mental health problems. Our system needs an intermediate structure between kids/teens and adults, because the gap is too big.
They have special needs which can’t be offered in adult hospitals. I believe this age group has great potential, but it often gets wasted because they’re stuck in life and can’t get the right help they need.
Many of them need to figure out what their passions are, what they find worth living for. They have to be empowered. It’s not something you will find in the average adult psychiatric hospital.
This project matters to me because I’ve been in this position once and I’ve noticed many, many other young adults are looking for help too, but can’t seem to find what they need. If I can contribute to something that helps them find their way in life again, my mission will be accomplished!
Update: I have met with the people at the Department of Mental Health in Brussels.  They have given me additional ways that I can get involved with mental health for young adults and more contacts including one from the Cabinet of Public Health!