Michelle Maritz

Michelle is a geeky, sunshine-loving traveler. She is digital by design (analogue by birth), humorous, an avid reader, and known to laugh loudly and often. Michelle wants to live in a world filled with innovative ideas and have a subscription to all movies ever made!

She aspires to live a compassionate life, leaving behind a small eco-footprint on this earth, something that made a difference to how people see themselves and the environment. She wants to help young people realize their awesomeness, to become who they are meant to be, to eradicate injustice, and to create an interconnected world where everyone can flourish.

She resides in South Africa where she’s working with youth and environmental organizations. Over a career of more than twenty years, she’s worked in industries ranging from counseling and human resource management to research. She is CEO and co-founder of Green Humanity and holds Honors degrees in Psychology and Criminology. She is also working as a graphic designer.