Paula Earl

Paula has been working in the realm of youth development most of her career and is the mother of two unique and divergent thinkers who have taught her much about this savvy, more enlightened, tech generation. She directed a youth development program in more than nine states for elementary-aged kids. This program immersed young adults in an experiential curriculum focused on the values of friendship, the spirit of resilience, the importance of nonviolence, and the understanding that each person has infinite potential.

Paula has a diverse background. She has owned and operated two businesses and has worked within industries such as education, computer programming, manufacturing and high profile nonprofit operations management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Paula possesses more than thirty years of experience as a life coach primarily for college and post-college aged adults. Her passion-filled purpose lies in facilitating the transformative process from student to working adult. Expanding self-image, goal-setting, and problem-solving are keys to her method. Through identifying passions and talents, then combining these fundamental elements with the wisdom of interconnectedness, Paula impacts youth at their core, with a decade of working in schools with struggling learners in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as kids in the gifted community and children on the autism spectrum. Paula relishes in working with the latter two groups who are underserved, at-risk, and ultimately the divergent thinkers this world is hungry for.

Recently Paula worked for the IS Foundation as a leader and mentor for young volunteers entering management positions in the organization and developed and delivered a cutting edge youth development program, mobilizing youth in countries across the world.