Kids Need More Nature Time – Being Back Recess

Project Leader: Jacob Diaz
Mentor: Paula Earl


STATUS: Planning Phase


Children today spend more time indoors than ever before. Their instinctive desire to explore outdoors is one that not only helps develop good physical health but calm, focused and directed mental well being. If you’re an adult, We bet you remember spending most of your days outdoors, coming home when the sun started to go down. Today, most kids end up spending more time on their couches, indoors, in front of some form of technology. Recess in most adult minds is a given, but what if we told you that there are schools who have done away with recess? Well it’s true, and Jacob isn’t standing for it. He’s utilizing all the pent up energy from lack of recess and pouring into his project that aims to change this new form of “containment” at his school ~ and we think he’s pretty darned awesome. If reading the fact that some kids haven’t been provided with recess at school infuriates, concerns or upsets you, reach out to us and get involved. Help Support his mission, his project and his passion with your skills, network or donations.