The Real Lebanon

Project Leader: Souma Mohamad
Mentor: Mandy Morsink


STATUS: Planning Phase


Lebanon has been through a lot: wars, problems… We don’t actually have a president either and it has been like that for more than a year. People all over the world hear that on the news and believe that my country is a dangerous place where it’s dangerous to live and where there’s terrorism. Well that’s wrong. Lebanon is a country in which there are 19 different religions. NINETEEN!!!! And we all live together, we accept each other, I go to a school where there are at least 5 different religions.  If you are willing to go out and visit some places/areas in Lebanon all you see is beauty and I’m not even exaggerating, Lebanon never stops amazing me, we’re such welcoming friendly people who will never miss a chance to help another person. People who do not visit Lebanon will never know the beauty of our land and its people. I want people to see Lebanon from my perspective. The beautiful side of Lebanon. 

In my project I will be taking pictures from all around Lebanon pictures of places and Lebanese people and I will be adding a quote or story or even an interview under every picture describing the place or a sentence a person has to say about a certain place or if it’s a picture of a person, something that this person would like to share. My pictures will be very spontaneous, showing only the truth and the beauty behind everything we have been through I want to show how rich Lebanon is with its people and places.