Uttara Kulkarni Sawalkar

Uttara is driven by love and empathy. She believes that these virtues thread together solutions to all we are facing. She is passionate about protecting all life, be it human, animal, or tree. Uttara is a dreamer and resonate with other dreamers who dare to achieve, produce, and execute.


She believes there is no happiness greater in the world than to help someone achieve their vision and hopes to be a guide and mentor who helps propel visions. Uttara recognizes that the youth population is the greatest strength we have, but that they are in desperate need of education, guidance, appreciation, and a lot more courage and awareness to make a positive difference.


Uttara believes that everyone’s life has a purpose. We have been sent here for a reason. If she is able to empower a young person to become strong, proficient, and fearless, her own purpose will be fulfilled. This fearless message from Gandhi has encouraged her to chase her own dreams. May you chase yours; may we chase them together: “There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid.”